Need to improve website conversions? Boost your product sales, newsletter subscriptions, increase downloads or simply keep viewers engaged to the website?

Consider color as a vital factor in your marketing strategy!

Color is 85% of the reason specific products are purchased –Neil Patel

Color has a psychological influence on people. It certainly does grab a user’s attention. So why not learn your target users’ favorite colors and grab them 😉

Target Audience – Men

When marketing to men, ads and designs usually should have masculine colors. Black, blue and green are a man’s favorite. Avoid pink, lavender, orange or brown! The Axe For Men is a good example of how Axe is targeting men with male-friendly colors.

Target Audience – Women

Female visitors adore purple, green and blue. Yeah, Pink is stereotyped as a feminine color, but less preferred by women. White, grey or red could be conversion boosters too. A good example; Victoria’s Secret 😉

And, when you have multiple audience types to target, Blue has been ideal; ponder Facebook, Linkedin or Paypal.

The significance of color in branding and marketing:

For those not familiar with branding techniques, you would probably tell your designing team to utilize “just good” colors for your logo or website. But, lesser did you know that when it comes to selecting colors for a brand, the color theorem is different!

Colors can define your brand, its recognition and personality!

If your brand can convey a special personality trait, then it’s ace. Ever noticed how Coca Cola excites you or how you trust HP for its products? There’s psychology that these brands have well-thought-out.

Here’s a color emotion guide from The Logo Company, showing the psychology of color:


The psychology of color in branding
The Logo Company


This has certainly changed your perception of color towards a brand. Take notice the next time you go to a store and these products would certainly grab your attention!

But, the gender factor and color emotion factor; How do you decide how to match your colors to boost those conversions?

Mix and Match! Google has certainly done it best. Four colors on the logo and just a white background on the website, nothing works better!

And, it’s certainly not just the end when you’ve chosen your colors to target those viewers, there’s a lot more to the story; AB Testing!

Why not try changing the color of a call to action button or darkening the background? Analyze the behavior of visitors with such changes to your website, learn which colors are effective –

Et voila – You have a master formula of color to convert visitors effectively!